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Whisky Casks For Sale

This month’s auction features three whisky casks that are currently maturing in Scotland. First up is a an excellent, and at times unusual Macallan. This would currently yield approximately 208 x 70cl bottles of whisky currently at 28 years old.

Then we have a fascinating Tullibardine that’s unlike most other contemporary Tullibardine’s which shows real individuality. This one would currently yield approximately 211 x 70cl bottles of whisky currently at 13 years old.

And finally another Tullibardine that is a clean and richly flavoured sherry cask which has served this cask well. This would currently yield approximately 307 x 70cl bottles of whisky also currently at 13 years old.

Macallan 1990. Cask #4070. 48.4%

Colour: White wine

Nose: A soft buttery note to begin which unfolds nicely onto coal hearths, damp earth, linseed oil, furniture polish and delicate tertiary notes of coconut, lemon balm, dried herbs and cough medicine. There is a resilient cereal note running underneath as well; crisp, lean and malty. In time there are notes of dried banana chips, sunflower seeds and other trail mix qualities. The overall impression is one of a fine-textured, well-balanced malt whisky.

Palate: Good weight and texture. Slightly petroly and oily with notes of grassy olive oil and mineral oil. Very light camphor and wax aspects as well. More well-structured cereal qualities, some natural sweetness and hints of various dried herbs. These ever so slight medical aspects resurge with these notes of cough medicine and orange throat sweets. Get’s spicier over time as well, towards freshly ground white pepper and cinnamon bark.

Finish: Long, spicy, dry, slightly mineral and with some unusual notes of steel wool, pine needles, wood resins and coal dust. Still rather precise and punchy.

Comments: An excellent, and at times unusual in a good way, example of Macallan. One which feels ready now and would probably not benefit from too much further ageing. The strength and flavours are all evenly matched and well integrated. A good, very tasty whole that outweighs the sum of its parts.

1990 Macallan Whisky Cask For Sale

Tullibardine 2005. Cask #186. 57.7%

Colour: Oaked white wine.

Nose: Potted plants in a greenhouse. Lots of greenery, cut grass, cactus, green banana, peppery salad leaves and some rather oily, fatty green fruit notes as well. Lime cordial, gomme syrup, various fruit liqueurs and a fascinating note of mustardy vinagrette. Quite unusual, but big, oily and very inviting with this rather opulent fruitiness. Unlike many other Tullibardines. Continues with notes of gauze, oily rag, marzipan and sweetened herbal extracts.

Palate: Big, fatty, spicy, sooty, herbal and rich. There’s a rather impressive oiliness and aspects of crisp maltiness, lean bacon fat, turmeric, salted flat breads, muesli, sweet oatmeal and wood glue. Quite unlike most other malt whiskies of similar age. In time it goes towards cod live oil, white flowers and soft waxes. There’s also a fermenting, yeasty quality about it – hints of sourdough, fizzy lemon and ink.

Finish: Rather long and mouth coating. It’s a big, textural, fatty style of distillate. Leaves behind notes of mixed dried herbs, wood spice, glue and strong, earthy teas.

Comments: A fascinating cask. Unlike most other contemporary Tullibardines. This one shows real individuality, great texture and a beguiling fruitiness. Could easily be bottled now or left to age for at least another decade quite comfortably. A very fun style of whisky that should make for a great conversation stoker.

2005 Tullibardine whisky cask for auction

Tullibardine 2005. Cask #267. 58.4%

Colour: deep amber / polished rosewood.

Nose: This one feels very much about the cask at first nosing. Lots of sweetened black tea, jasmine, tea tree oils, creme de menthe, black pepper and cured meats. Thick, fatty, earthy and with plenty hessian and coal dust. There’s also toasted oak, ripe banana, milk chocolate, walnuts and mixed dark fruits soaked in cognac. Quite excellent.

Palate: Big, thick, resinous and sweet sherry. Lots of coco, walnuts, strawberry wine, gingerbread, lemon thyme, espresso, bovril and damp sack cloth. Some wee touches of treacle, salty old oloroso and rancio as well. It’s really the sherry that does the talking with this one but it’s an excellent and characterful – and most importantly clean – style of sherry so it works very well.

Finish: Long, earthy, gingery, spicy and ultimately syrupy, sweet and slightly mentholated. Comments: An excellent, clean and richly flavoured sherry cask which has served this Tullibardine well. Would continue to mature well for at least another decade.

Comments: An excellent, clean and richly flavoured sherry cask which has served this Tullibardine well. Would continue to mature well for at least another decade.


Tullibardine whisky cask for sale

If you are interested in buying this cask, you can register to bid on our auction here:

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